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Automatic Bath Lift

Automatic Bath Lift

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Lowers you into the tub with the press of a button and then raises you up with the same ease. Comes with a rechargeable battery to operate the motor. Installs without changes to the current tub area. The suction cups on the lift will only adhere to a smooth tub surface. Works best with tubs that are at least 60" long overall so there is space to sit and room for your legs to stretch out. Device will sit at the bottom of the tub starting at the flat part before it angles up the tub wall. Best for tubs longer than 66”.


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Why we know this works!

The automatic bath lift is a great solution for someone who loves to take baths but does not have the strength or mobility to get in and out of the bathtub.

The automatic bath lift is a battery operated bath chair that lowers and lifts the user in and out of the bathtub which is great for reducing strain on the user and will prevent the risk of falls.

Transferring onto the bath lift is simple and can be done from standing, or from a wheelchair.

Suction cup feet attach to a smooth surface of the bottom of the tub to provide a stable seat. If your tub has texture at the bottom, it will not be as secure.

The automatic bath lift has a smart battery that will not allow the seat to lower down if it does not have the power to raise back up.


Height of backrest: 25.5in
Seat width: 16in
Reclines to 30 degrees
Max weight supported: 300lbs

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