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Massaging Lift Chair

Massaging Lift Chair

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This lift chair has soft upholstery for best comfort along with a 4 section body massage and 5 rhythms of massage mode.

Why this works

The massaging lift chair is great for those who need assistance when going from sitting to standing. The lift chair moves upward while slightly tilting forward to make it easier to exit the recliner. The lift chair can also gently lay back and elevate the legs and feet which is great for decreasing edema. The lift chair has a soothing massage feature that can target the upper back, lumbar region, thighs, and calves to provide ultimate comfort and relaxation while in the chair. This is a great option for increased independence with standing from a seated position and will decrease the need for caregiver assistance with standing from a recliner.


Color options: brown, grey
Height: 38in
Length when not reclined: 35.5in
Length when reclined: 63in
Seat width: 18in
Seat height from floor: 17.75in
Material: polyester nylon blend
Max weight supported: 300lbs

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