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We saw a need...

Everywhere we worked as occupational therapists we kept running into the same problem: inability to connect the dots to get people the equipment they needed, installed and setup in a timely manner - primarily because the things we know work aren't covered by health insurance. 

Our patients were feeling forced to leave their homes because their abilities changed and their adult children were worried they couldn't live on their own. But often it was just a matter of matching the right products and services to each client to make their home environment work for their needs! 

And that's why we developed AskSAMIE to make the information and solutions readily available so aging in place would be possible for anyone! Here you'll find adaptive equipment, services and education curated by our decades of experience adapting one home at a time. 
Victor Ko

Dr. Brandy Archie

Co-Founder, CEO

K.a Joben

Willie Apala Flaherty

Co-Founder, CTO

Richard Bauer

Katie Tipton, COTA

Dir. Business Operations

Clinician curated catalogue

Everything at AskSAMIE Passes The Test

Image Product

Solves a real problem
It's not just a nice to have, it actually makes a part of everyday life easier so you know it's worth buying!

Easy to use, easy to setup
Simplicity decreases stress and we know you are already struggling. So we make sure it solves the problem in an easy way.

We've used it!
Everything has been trialed by us with our patients or in our own lives, so we know it works!

Dr. Brandy Favorites

These items already passed the test and made it in our catalogue. But they get the special distinction as a Dr. Brandy Favorite because they work so well for so many people.

These are time tested items that I have used in practice with clients over the years and have recognized their repeated value. So they get our green flag as a time honored favorite!

Dr. Brandy Archie

Occupational Therapist

Mission, Vision & Values

  1. Our Mission

    Our mission is to make accessibility equitable through qualified recommendations of products, services, and training for anyone living with a disability or those who provide support.

  2. Our Vision
    That everyone feels empowered to maintain their dignity and determine how they do life with easy access to what's needed to accommodate for any physical or cognitive ability level.
  3. Our Values

    Integrity: We prioritize honest and quality recommendations for our services and products, focusing on safety, effectiveness, innovation, and their ability to address real problems, rather than being driven by profit margins. Our goal is to improve lives through thoughtful and responsible choices.

    Compassion: We approach our customers' and partners' challenges with thoughtfulness, demonstrating a willingness to innovate and collaborate to overcome barriers. Understanding that our clients may be facing difficult times, we validate their experiences with humility, providing empathetic and supportive services.

    Collaboration: We work purposefully and effectively with our partners and customers, focusing on solving their challenges. Recognizing the significance of collaborative efforts, we value working together with clients, their loved ones, their healthcare team, and payor sources to find comprehensive solutions that can lead to life-affirming changes.

    Justice: We are deeply committed to inclusively and proactively addressing systemic disparities faced by individuals and groups in a society that prioritizes short-term capital expansion over the well-being of humans and communities. Our goal is to remove barriers of accessibility and discrimination, striving to create a world where everyone can live the way they want, free from limitations.

    Self-Determination: We strongly believe in the right of every individual to define their own independence, and thus, we concentrate on providing options that support this notion. By empowering our customers, we enable them to lead autonomous lives, pursue their goals, and shape their own destinies freely.
    Innovation:  We prioritize curiosity, creativity, and entrepreneurial attitudes, enabling us to implement innovative solutions to effectively address our clients' challenges.