Is this equipment covered by Medicare?

Mostly no. Unfortunately medicare only pays for services that are deemed to be medically necessary based on specific diagnoses. Since grab bars and other home modifications can be useful to all people, Medicare will not cover these expenses.

There is a process for getting durable medical equipment (DME) covered. This includes hospital beds, wheelchairs, walkers, oxygen and patient lifts. Download our resource guide for step by step instructions on how to do that here.

If you'd like more detailed information check out this detailed blog post from the occupational therapists at Toilet Talk!

What about private insurance. Will they cover it?

Every plan is different so its always worth asking. However, most insurance plans have similar rules to Medicare.

Do you rent equipment?

No, but we do have partners regionally that rent equipment and we are adding to that list frequently. Message us and we may have a location to connect you with in your area!

How do I get it installed?

We've intentionally chosen the products on our site because they are user friendly and easy to install. If you have anyone in your life that can handle a screwdriver and is able bodied to get in the right space they can probably do it. But if you need to hire someone download our Find a Handyman resource guide for some good connections.

Why are there just a few options in each category?

We've been intentional about curating which brands and styles of products are offered at AskSAMIE to things that meet the following:

  • User-friendly
  • Easy to install
  • We've seen in action

This is part of why we can recommend it highly as occupational therapy professionals; because we've recommended them to our own clients in our past work in settings like home health, acute care hospitals and rehab clinics.

How do I know it's the right thing for our needs?

Going through the questions uses our occupational therapist designed algorithm to narrow it down to the right group of products to meet the need you've described. Then read the product descriptions and specifications to make your final choice from the options we've given. If you follow those steps we are confident that you'll get something that will solve the problem!

But if you'd rather have our expert eyes help you decide we are happy to! Just schedule a virtual home assessment and we'll get you squared away!