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Get a Contractor | VGM Live at Home

Get a Contractor | VGM Live at Home

Getting handrails installed can prevent falls and facilitate independence. Adding a stair lift can make it possible to stay living at home even when physically doing the stairs is not possible. And adding a custom ramp can be the difference between living at home and needing to move.

Find a vetted contractor with experience specifically in accessibility and home modifications in your area by completing the popup or clicking here!

*We care greatly about your privacy*
This information will only go to VGM Live at Home and just one person will contact you back to get you connected with the right contractor for your needs. You will not get a bunch of calls from a ton of different service providers.

Why we know this works

Finding a good contractor can be really hard. And finding one that has some experience with specialized accommodations due to health is even more tricky. We personally struggled with keeping a good running list in our heads for people we trusted to refer to our patients and that's just for the cities we live in!

So we are so excited to be able to have this great resource available because every service provider in the VGM Live at Home network is a Master Certified Environmental Access Consultant and can do everything from building a custom ramp to replacing a tub with a shower, add a stair lift or even put in an elevator!


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