What We Do

Say your mom is in the hospital and you’re relieved she’s ready to come home. But it’ll be in 2 days and she’ll be using a wheelchair for the next 12 weeks. Now you are stressed! How do you get a ramp? How is she going to get to the bathroom? 

Just AskSAMIE! We've combined our clinical knowledge as occupational therapists with tech to provide adaptive equipment and service recommendations tailored to each person's disability and environment because we believe accessibility should be a right, not a privilege!

  • Use our On Demand Assessment
  • Give us a call for specific questions
  • Schedule a Virtual Visit for in depth answers

We also prioritize education!
Not everything needs to be solved with a new gadget. Sometimes it's just about the way you do something. So passing along that knowledge is really important to us.  

We've provided education throughout the site. 
  • Caregiver Training Video Courses are available for lots of individual issues like How to Use a Hoyer Lift but also for big concepts like How to Prevent a Back Injury.
  • How to Age in Place Knowledge Base is filled with written articles about ways to solve everyday problems with simple solutions.
  • Why This Works section of each product page explains the important details from a clinical perspective.