Payment Options

Not sure how to pay for the things needed? We've got options!

Community Programs

Wondering if there are any programs in your area that can help with the cost of some of these items? Their might be! Use this search tool to find programs in your area that you may qualify for in order to get help. One of our favorites in the Kansas City Metro is AccessKC. If you qualify let them know you'd like to use the funds with AskSAMIE!

AskSAMIE Community Project

Live in the Kansas City Metro area & need help paying for equipment? Apply for our grant program! Get access to up to $1500 of adaptive equipment and services. Click below to apply online!

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Health Savings & Flexible Savings Account Cards (HSA/FSA)

We accept Health Savings Account cards & Flexible Spending Account cards! These come with some insurance plans and have money that you or the employer adds to the card to be spent on qualified health care needs.

So use those cards here with us and maximize your benefit with tools that can really make a difference at home!

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Want to know more?

When it comes to acquiring adaptive equipment, a primary challenge is often cost. Adding something new to a fixed budget is challenging and unfortunately insurance doesn’t cover most adaptive equipment. There are a few creative ways to pay for equipment. In this article we will talk about HSA/FSA cards, Care Credit and community programs.

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