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Alt. Pressure Pad Low Air Loss 5"

Alt. Pressure Pad Low Air Loss 5"

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Provides effective pressure ulcer prevention and treatment with a quiet high volume pump with air chambers that inflate and deflate alternatively increase patient comfort.

Why this works

Getting bed sores is really common when someone spends 15 or more hours in bed in 24 hour period especially when incontinence briefs are being used. One way to help is to have the mattress circulating air underneath so pressure is not on the same point for long periods of time.

Attach this mattress pad on top of the twin or hospital bed already in use to provide the pressure relief needed at an affordable price. Its waterproof cover is easy to clean. Comes with a patch kit and a 1 year warranty on mattress and pump.


Mattress Pad
Length: 77 inches
Width: 34 inches
Height: 5 inches
Weight capacity: 320 lbs

Length: 10 inches
Width: 4 inches
Height: 3.5” inches

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