Collection: Bathroom Aids for Seniors

Browse our selection of bathroom aids for seniors, designed to enhance independence and safety. Find shower chairs, toilet risers, grab bars, and more!

Bathroom aids represent a cornerstone in fostering independence and safety for older adults, enabling them to manage their daily hygiene routines with dignity and reduced risk of injury. As we age, our mobility, strength, and balance can be compromised, making the bathroom—an area associated with a high risk of slips and falls—particularly hazardous. Recognizing this, AskSAMIE offers a variety of bathroom equipment designed to address these challenges, ensuring that older adults can maintain their independence and quality of life while aging in place.

Grab bars, for instance, are a simple yet effective solution that can be installed near toilets and inside showers or bathtubs. They provide support and stability for older adults as they move in and out of these areas, significantly reducing the risk of falls. Another essential piece of equipment is the raised toilet seat, which minimizes the effort required to sit down and stand up from the toilet, catering to those with limited mobility or joint pain.

Shower chairs and tub benches offer a secure place to sit while bathing, accommodating anyone who may not have the stamina or balance to stand for the duration of a shower. This not only prevents falls but also promotes a more comfortable and thorough bathing experience. Who doesn't want to sit and enjoy a warm shower?! Meanwhile, non-slip mats are crucial for preventing slips and falls on wet surfaces, a common cause of injuries among older adults in the bathroom.

These aids, among others available through AskSAMIE, are not just tools; they are a testament to the commitment to making aging in place a feasible and safe option for older adults. 90% of older adults expressing a desire to age in place and only 9% of homes being "aging ready,"  with the primary culprit being the bathroom! So the need for practical solutions like these bathroom aids is clear. 

AskSAMIE's curated adaptive equipment marketplace bridges the gap, offering older adults and their care partners access to the necessary tools to adapt their living environments to their changing needs. By focusing on innovative, user-friendly products, we aim to empower older adults to navigate their homes safely and independently, ultimately enhancing their quality of life and preserving their dignity as they age.

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