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Extra Tall Tub Transfer Bench | For Deep Tubs

Extra Tall Tub Transfer Bench | For Deep Tubs

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This bench has extra tall legs that are height adjustable so if you have a deep tub or high tub wall you can still use this bench that partially sits outside the tub to help create easier transfers into the tub. Just sit on the chair first, swing legs over the edge and then scooting over.

Get 3" more height here with a max seat height of 26" compared to a standard tub bench that adjusts from 19"- 23"

Don't forget to watch the video on how to adjust the shower curtain to keep the water in. And for deep dive training on using a tub transfer bench sign up for this course.

Why we know this works!

A tub transfer bench with extended legs is a great solution for safely getting in and out of the bathtub without having to step over the edge of the tub. This transfer bench has extended legs which are perfect for deep bathtubs or bathtubs that have high walls like jacuzzi, jetted or garden tubs. The tub transfer bench is easy to use, simply sit on the edge of the seat then bring feet over the edge of the tub and scoot into a comfortable seated position for bathing. The tub transfer bench is great for those who have limited mobility, low endurance, or a fall risk. The tub transfer bench will have two legs inside the tub and two legs outside of the tub which will make transferring from a wheelchair possible. Using a tub transfer bench is a great way to promote safety while conserving energy during bathing. The tub transfer bench can also improve independence and privacy while bathing which can decrease the need for caregiver assistance.


Seat dimensions: 29 x 9 in (LxW)
Adjustable height: 17 - 26in
Max weight supported: 330lbs

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