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Tub Transfer Bench Leg Extensions | Makes tub bench taller

Tub Transfer Bench Leg Extensions | Makes tub bench taller

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Add these extension legs for tub bench which are excellent for deep soaker tubs or clawfoot tubs with a high tub wall. These leg extensions for your bench can be added to what you already have that's not quite tall enough for the tub wall. Adds 3"-4" depending on your current tub bench.

*This is the right solution if you take off the legs of the current chair and the little gold or silver button is still on the remaining part of your tub bench leg. These leg extenders don't have that button. Works with most Medline and Drive tub benches.

**If you are unsure, take a picture and email it to us at We'll review promptly and let you know if it will work!

Why we know this works!

These extended legs are a perfect solution for someone who already has a tub transfer bench but needs legs that are longer. The extended legs are ideal for bathtubs that are deep or have high walls where standard bench legs would not be long enough to safely touch the bathtub floor and bathroom floor. Using extended tub transfer legs is great for making use of owned equipment and making it better meet the needs.


Comes with 4 pieces add up to 4in each
Legs are 1" in diameter
Leg length is 13"

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