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Soft Knit Underpad "chuck"

Soft Knit Underpad "chuck"

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Antimicrobial, breathable, and designed to hold 6 oz of liquid. Measures 24" x 36" which makes it easy to use as a transfer sheet as well as stay in place while sleeping. This is much larger than disposable chucks which are often 17"x24".

Why this works

Using a soft knit underpad chuck is a great solution for catching urine or bowel accidents for anyone who is incontinent. The underpad has a waterproof backing which prevents leakage onto bedding or furniture. The soft knit underpad is perfect for protection on surfaces such as beds, wheelchairs, car seats, or couches. The soft knit underpad can also be used as a transfer sheet by the caregiver which will make it much easier to turn or move a loved one in bed to help with bathing or changing briefs. The soft knit underpad is machine washable and can be reused.


Dimensions: 24 x 36in
Machine washable

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