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Wireless Flashing Doorbell

Wireless Flashing Doorbell

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This wireless flashing doorbell is great for those with a hearing impairment, as it has 4 levels of volume. If the volume still isn't loud enough, the flashing light will alert the person that someone is ringing the doorbell.

Why this works

The wireless flashing doorbell is a great tool for those who have hearing impairments as it has 4 volume levels plus a LED light that flashes when the doorbell rings. This is a great low tech solution that does not require an app or any technology. The flashing doorbell can also be used in rooms inside the home for a caregiver who is hard of hearing. The doorbell button can be placed by the loved one who is in bed or in a chair and can be used as a way to communicate with a caregiver who is in another room. The flashing light will alert the caregiver that their loved one is needing their attention.


4 volume levels
2 speakers/lights included
1 doorbell button

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