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Bariatric Hemi Walker

Bariatric Hemi Walker

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Excellent support from a wide base cane for use when a walker is needed but unable to use both hands.

Why this works

Using a bariatric hemi walker allows the user to lean on one side for support which is a great solution for someone who does not have enough strength in one arm/hand to safely hold onto a standard rolling walker. This bariatric hemi walker is heavy duty which supports more weight than a standard hemi walker. The wide base of support makes the hemi walker a more stable mobility device than a cane. Using a bariatric hemi walker is great for ensuring safety by providing the extra support and stability needed while walking or transferring in or out of the home. The bariatric hemi walker is foldable and can be transported in a vehicle for use outside of the home.


Adjustable height: 32-36in
Max weight supported: 500lbs

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