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Standard Alarm with Chair Pad

Standard Alarm with Chair Pad

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The Drive Sensor Basic Alarm is used with a sensor pad to alert the caregiver that the client has gotten up. When the sensor is activated an 85dB or 100dB alarm tone sounds notifying the caregiver. LED indicates a low battery. The alarm features a convenient ON/OFF switch. 9V battery included.

Why this works

The standard alarm with chair pad is a great way for caregivers to know when their loved one is getting up from a chair or wheelchair. The chair pad is connected to an alarm that will sound once the person’s weight has shifted off the pad. Simply place the pad in a chair or wheelchair seat and plug it into the alarm. This works as a safety precaution and is perfect for those with dementia or anyone who is at risk for falls. The standard alarm with chair pad is a great way for the caregiver to have peace of mind without having eyes on their loved one at all times.


Dimensions: 10 x 15in
Weight: 1lb
4 AA batteries are included

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