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OrCam Read

OrCam Read

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This handheld AI reader can be used to read any text aloud. Just point and click to hear text. Learn a few commands to pinpoint certain text and have it read just what you want. Great for those with reading difficulties.

Why we know this works!

The OrCam Read is a useful tool for those who have low vision or reading difficulties such as dyslexia. This device is a handheld artificial intelligence smart reader that can read full pages of text out loud. Simply aim the OrCam read at the material needed, and the device will take a snapshot of the reading material and read it out loud to the user. The device can also be activated by voice commands by stating “Hey OrCam” followed by a command such as, “read the headlines”, “read the dessert section of the menu”, or “read the nutrition facts”. The OrCam Read is an excellent option for reading long texts such as textbooks or novels, reading nutrition labels while at the grocery store, reading a menu at a restaurant, or reading emails. The device is small enough to fit in a purse or a bag to take on the go for use outside of the home.


Dimensions: 4.8 x 0.98 x 0.5in
Weight: 1.57oz
Camera: 13 megapixels
Languages: English, Spanish, French, and German
USB cable and power adapter included

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