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OrCam MyEye

OrCam MyEye

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Clip this small device on your glasses and have it read text, books and even the people in the room. A quick touch or saying "HeyOrCam" gets it going and with learning just a few commands you can operate it easily.

Why we know this works!

Using the Orcam MyEye is a great tool for those who have low vision or reading difficulties such as dyslexia. This is a wearable assistive reading device that attaches to the side of eyeglasses that are included with the device- the device can also be attached to personal glasses if preferred. The OrCam MyEye will read aloud any text such as a magazine, email, menu, or nutrition label. The device can also recognize faces by letting you know that there is a person in front of you or tell you what color of shirt you may be looking at while shopping.

The Orcam MyEye is a wonderful tool for being independent with daily activities such as grocery shopping, getting dressed, cooking, reading, and cleaning.


Dimensions: 3 x 0.83 x 0.59 in
Weight: 0.79 oz
Included in box: OrCam MyEye device, eyeglasses frame, USB magnetic adaptor piece, wall charger, magnetic mount, cleaning cloth, and case.
Portable, extra battery charger $250
OrCam Earphones $50
Additional 1 year warranty $200

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