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MaxiTouch Dots - 64

MaxiTouch Dots - 64

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These maxi touch dots can be applied to everyday items help those with low vision identify buttons or objects by touch and color.

Why this works

Using maxi bump dots is a great way for those with low vision to identify everyday household items by touch. They can be placed on items such as phone keys, computer keyboards, remotes, and microwaves. These bump dots are extra thick and made of foam, making them distinguishable by touch from other dots. They also come in a variety of colors which allows for a greater range of marking buttons and identifying them by color instead of trying to read the small print on the button. The bump dots have an adhesive backing and are easy to apply on items of choice. Maximize independence around the home by using maxi bump dots.


Extra thick 3mm dots have a 1/4 diameter
640 dots: 64 each of 10 different colors
Colors included: white, black, green, lime, kelly green, orange, yellow, purple, pink, red

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