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Macrolux Brightfield Magnifier

Macrolux Brightfield Magnifier

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This magnifier has an LED light that makes reading easier for those with low vision. 2.2x and 3.6x options.

Why we know this works!

The macrolux brightfield magnifier is a great way to make reading easier for someone with low vision. This magnifier is a handheld device with an ergonomic design that creates a more comfortable reading experience for the user. Simply place the magnifier on top of reading material, such as a book or newspaper, to see the enlarged text through the rectangular viewing area and slide across to read the small print. This magnifier is great for those who may have difficulty holding on to objects due to tremors or weak grip. The macrolux brightfield magnifier is distortion-free from edge to edge, as compared to regular magnifiers and has an LED light that illuminates the text. This magnifier includes a small microfiber bag that can be taken on the go for easy reading outside of the home.


Magnification options: 2.2x; 3.6x
Dimensions: 3.54 x 1.37 x 2.75 in; 3.54 x 1.37 x 2.75 in
Lens type: PXM plastic
3 AA batteries included

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