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Arm Compression Pumps

Arm Compression Pumps

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1 year guarantee. 1 sleeve. Pressure from 20-250mmHg. Works for arm length 31". Standard size 28.5" long

Why this works

The arm compression pump is a great solution for managing edema in the arms due to lymphedema. The arm compression pump improves circulation in the arms which decreases swelling and will promote better mobility in the arms. There are multiple modes to choose from for a customizable experience for compression throughout the arm. The arm compression pumps are designed to be able to put on independently and can be easily cleaned after each use. The compression pumps have a timer and can be used while sitting on the couch or laying in bed.


Cuff dimensions: 28.5 x 9in
Pump dimensions: 10.24 x 6.69 x 5.12in
Shoulder strap: 43in

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