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5000K LED Strip Lighting

5000K LED Strip Lighting

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LED strip lighting allows for better lighting in the home in hard to reach areas. Brightness can be changed by the dimmer which makes seeing easier.

Why this works

Using 5000K LED strip lighting around the home will produce lighting that is as close to daylight as can be made. The LED strip lighting can be placed in hard to reach areas such as cabinets, closets, under furniture, and staircases. Having a well-lit home can improve functional performance and safety for everyday activities like getting to the bathroom at night, cooking, and doing the stairs. LED strip lighting can be cut to the desired size and has an adhesive back, making for easy installation. The brightness of the light can be easily adjusted with the dimmer according to desired brightness. Switch over to 5000K LED strip lighting and create a safer home environment today.


Length: 33 feet
flexible, cuttable, and dimmable

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