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4 Piece Stackable Fridge Bins

4 Piece Stackable Fridge Bins

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Turn your shelves into drawers by putting everything in these fridge bins and setting them on the shelves. Then just pull out the bin to get to the items instead of bending and reaching or even to make getting things at the back of the fridge easier.

Why this works

Using stackable fridge bins is a great solution for wheelchair users to be able to reach groceries in the fridge more easily. The fridge bins can be pulled out and set on one’s lap to access grocery items inside the bin such as vegetables, yogurt, or fruit. The fridge bins allow wheelchair or walker users to access more from the fridge rather than being limited to grabbing items from the refrigerator door. The fridge bins will ensure that all items are kept together and will promote independence with grabbing food and snacks out of the refrigerator during meal time.


Dimensions: 12.67 x 6.49 x 6.69in
Material: acrylic
BPA free

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