24" Long Handled Shoe Horn w/ Flexible Head

24" Long Handled Shoe Horn w/ Flexible Head

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Allows you the ability to put your shoe on with this flexible shoe horn that lets you slip your foot in easily.

Why we know this works!

The long handled shoe horn has a flexible head that is great for those who have difficulties getting their shoes on due to limited lower body mobility. The shoe horn has a long handle that eliminates the need to bend over when putting shoes on. Simply place the shoe horn in the shoe, place foot in shoe, then bring the shoe horn behind the heel to allow the foot to slip in more easily.

Using a shoe horn is a good solution for someone who wants to be independent with putting on shoes and will eliminate the need to ask a caregiver for help.

The shoe horn can be used with tennis shoes, dress shoes, or boots.


Extendable 16-32in
Weight: 4.66oz

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