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Wide Shower Chair with back

Wide Shower Chair with back

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Adjustable height chair with a back rest that fits inside a shower or a tub. With its wide and sturdy construction can be used inside a tub in the same way a tub transfer bench is (by sitting first and then swinging legs in) in situations where a tub transfer bench is too long.

Why this works

The wide shower chair with back is a great solution for someone who has limited mobility, low endurance, or is at risk for falls. The shower chair has a wide base, armrests and a back support which provides extra security for those who have difficulties with unsupported sitting balance. The shower chair is perfect for use in a shower or tub and can even be used in a similar way as a tub transfer bench in the case where a tub transfer bench is too long to fit the space in a bathroom. Using a wide shower chair is a great way to promote safety while conserving energy during bathing. The wide shower chair can also improve independence and privacy with bathing which can decrease the need for caregiver assistance.


Item weight: 8lbs
Seat width: 17in
Seat back height: 29-33in
Legs height: 16-20.5in
Material: plastic
Max weight supported: 350lbs

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