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Wide Rigid Sock Aid

Wide Rigid Sock Aid

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Rigid sock aid has an indented channel on the inside that acts as a heel guide and keeps the foot in position making it easier to put on hosiery. A piece of hook-and-loop fastener on the outside of the plastic shell holds the sock in place. Extra width is ideal for people with edema or larger feet and the 35" (89 cm) loop strap can be manipulated with one hand.

Why we know this works!

The widge rigid sock aid is the perfect tool for those who have difficulty putting on socks due to limited lower body mobility. This sock aid is wider than a typical sock aid and has a hard shell that is great for those with wider feet or lower extremity edema. The sock aid can be used to be independent with putting on socks or compression stockings. The sock aid is light in weight and easy to use. Simply place the sock over the sock aid, hold the straps with both hands, drop the sock aid to the ground, place foot in sock, pull on the straps until the sock is all the way on foot. The straps are long enough to be manipulated by only using one hand. The wide rigid sock aid is also great for those who recently had back or hip surgery and are not able to bend forward. This will allow the user to be independent and eliminate the need for caregiver help with putting on socks or stockings.


Length: 10in
Width: 5in
Cord extends up to 24.5in
Weight: 5oz

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