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Weighted Bracelet

Weighted Bracelet

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Sometimes added weight can decrease the effects of tremors from Parkinson's or other diseases. If so, adding a weight wrist bands for tremors can be a more functional and fashionable way to provide this help than traditional exercise wrist weights.

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Why we know this works!

Made with built in steel blocks each weighted bracelet adds 1lb of weight to each wrist without the graininess felt when using ones filled with sand. They have a surface made of organic silica gel giving it a comfortable feel that also has a bit of slip resistance in it so they stay put.

If the person can grab one hand with the other and get the tremors to calm down then likely adding a weight via these kinds of bracelets will help with steadying the hand to do things like writing and eating.

Fits anyone whose wrist circumference is less than 6.8 inches. These weighted bracelets for tremors look good and serve a function which is why we love them!


Name: Weighted Wristband
Color: Black
Material: foam/soft iron
Weight: 04kg
Size: 53cm/20.9in long

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