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Washable Underwear For Moderate Incontinence For Men (3pk)

Washable Underwear For Moderate Incontinence For Men (3pk)

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Reusable incontinence briefs for men, made of cotton-polyester blend. These washable underwear for heavy incontinence incontinence can hold up to 10 oz.  Each package includes 3 reusable incontinence briefs. We love these because disposable incontinence brief get expensive, so having them be washable allows for a one time investment that can last for years.

Discover five innovative strategies to effectively manage incontinence and maintain your dignity and comfort here.

Why we know this works!

Using men’s reusable incontinence underwear is a great solution for someone who is having trouble with incontinence. These briefs are made of comfortable material which makes them feel like typical underwear.

These washable underwear for heavy incontinence hold up to 10 oz of liquid. So whether its stress incontinence with a little leakage or a near full release of the bladder these underwear can be protective. The inner lining is made of 100% cotton which quickly wicks moisture away from the skin.

Reusable incontinence underwear offer the comfort of typical underwear with protection of the waterproof layer to prevent leaks from showing through clothing.

Machine washable incontinence underwear for men save high costs on disposable briefs and just feel better that disposable with the comfort of a soft cloth lining.


Sizes: Small - 5X
Materials: cotton, polyester, rayon
Machine washable

*The underwear do not hold 10 oz with one void.  They hold 3-4 ounces at a time that add up to those absorbency’s.

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