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Walker Basket w/ Organizer

Walker Basket w/ Organizer

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Walker trays can be really hard to match with the walker and be secure so we love this basket which can attach to most walkers and comes with a plastic insert organizer with cup holder. So one can still take drinks and bowl of food from the kitchen to the sitting area safely.

Why this works

A walker basket is a great solution for carrying small items while keeping both hands on the walker. The walker basket includes a plastic tray insert that has a cup holder which would be ideal for holding a drink in place while walking with the walker. Using a walker basket is a convenient way to carry personal items while maintaining safety and reducing the risk of falls around the home. The walker basket is the perfect way to safely carry items from one room to another such as a snack from the kitchen to the living room, a book from the living room to the bedroom, or a newspaper from the bedroom to the bathroom.


Length: 16in
Width: 6in
Height: 8in

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