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Tub Buddy Shower Chair Over the Bath

Tub Buddy Shower Chair Over the Bath

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The Tub Buddy is a solution-based transfer system that allows for easy and accessible bathing in a standard bathtub. With its versatile design, the Tub Buddy eliminates the need for costly bathroom renovations and provides a safe and comfortable bathing experience. The system consists of a rolling base, bridge, and bathtub base, allowing for easy transfers and maneuverability.  A custom bridge may be required if the toilet is too close or too far from the tub. 

The Tub Buddy can also be used as a shower chair and features adjustable components for personalized comfort. With its caregiver-assisted design, the Tub Buddy offers a practical solution for individuals with mobility challenges.

Note: The TubBuddy is a caregiver-assisted product; it is not intended for independent use.

Why we know this works!

We love this because it creates accessibility in a place where you otherwise might require some construction. So instead of having to remove the current shower and put in a roll in shower you can instead purchase this device and set it up to work for the and toilet you already have!

So many bathrooms are setup in this configuration where the toilet is adjacent to the tub leaving little room for a tub transfer bench. With the use of the Tub Buddy you are getting two products in one - a tub transfer bench and a toilet riser. But also with the added benefit of trunk support from the seatbelt and arm rests.

Therefore, instead of spending $10-$15k on a remodel, you get to spend a fraction of that and still get access - quickly.

The flip up arm rests makes transfers easy whether standing or scooting into it and the abiliity to roll it away from the track means you can help someone transfer into the rolling shower chair wherever it's the safest to do!


Chair Width - over caster wheels 490mm
Chair Width - over arms 570mm
Chair Width - Inside Arms 475mm - smaller users see accessory pages
Chair Length - including footrest 845mm (745mm excluding)
Backrest Width 460mm
Backrest Height from Cushion to top 440mm
Toilet Height Clearance (maximum) 535mm
Toilet Width clearance at narrowest 375mm (at casters)
Toilet clearance can depend upon the shape of the toilet pan
Bridge Length (Standard) 300mm or Accessory 200mm or customized,
see Accessories
Seat Cushion Dimensions 460 W x 430mm D
Seat Height from Floor 575mm to 675mm (Adjustable)
Seat Cushion Opening 175mm W x 335mm L
Bath TubBase unit width over feet 335mm
Bath Tub Height from floor 535mm maximum or use RBE24 Chair
Height Extender accessory
Bath Tub Depth up to 530mm maximum or use TBE24 Bath Base
Height Extender accessory
Bath Tub width for stabilisers 440mm - 680mm
Box Dimensions L 680x W 580x H 810mm
Box Gross Weight 32.4kg

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