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Transport Wheelchair

Transport Wheelchair

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This Aluminum Transport Chair is a compact, lightweight design with an easy-to-maintain finish. The flared handles and handy back-release hinge allow the back to fold down flat and compact for easy storage and transport.

Why this works

The transport wheelchair is a lightweight alternative to a standard wheelchair which is perfect for traveling and lifting into a vehicle. The wheelchair cannot be self propelled with hands, therefore requires a caregiver to push the wheelchair by the handles or would need to be propelled with their feet. This transport wheelchair is best for someone who is able to transfer using a walker, cane or no mobility device as the armrests are not removable. Using a transport wheelchair is a great solution for someone who is always on the go as the wheelchair can be easily folded for portability and storage.


Seat: 18in
Wheels: 8in
Back height: 18in
Max weight supported: 250lbs

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