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Tilt Bed Tray Table

Tilt Bed Tray Table

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The tilt over bed table can be used for reading, writing, or as a having a meal. So even when in bed it can be as easy as possible to be independent.

Why this works

The tilt bed tray table can be used for reading, writing, or as a computer desk. The table’s height can be adjusted to the user's desired height, can be easily moved to different rooms in the home, and has brakes to lock in place once it is at a desired location. Use while in bed or while seated on the couch or in a wheelchair. The tilt bed tray table allows for creating a better angle for reading or using a tablet. It is convenient and perfect for allowing those with mobility-related issues to independently participate in meaningful activities such as writing, reading, or playing games whether they are in bed or in a chair.


Adjustable height: 28-45in
Tabletop tray: 30x15in
Materials: steel base, wood grain low-pressure laminate top
Max weight supported: 50lbs

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