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S'up | A Spoon for Shaky Hands

S'up | A Spoon for Shaky Hands

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Unlike a normal spoon, which normally requires your upper lip / teeth to pull content off. This requires you to tip food into your mouth. 

The S’up Spoon was designed originally for one person, Grant Douglas (check the video!) It's a great way to be independent with eating despite having shaky hands from Parkinson's, essential tremors or weakness.

Why we know this works!

The S'up Spoon is great for those who have shaky hands. The design of the spoon keeps food in the utensil in multiple positions. Tip the spoon further back or more vertically to provide more support. It's like a mini cup so it works really well for mild to severely shaky hands.

The spoon is small enough to fit in a purse or small bag for carrying on the go to use at your favorite restaurant or any social outing. The mini spoon is great for kids or anyone with a more petite hand or mouth.


Weight: Mini .7 oz ; Standard .8 oz
Dishwasher safe

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