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4' Suitcase Ramp | for up to 6" rise

4' Suitcase Ramp | for up to 6" rise

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4ft in length, this portable ramp is long enough to use to go up 1 step that is up to 6in high.

Embark on your next adventure with ease by learning how to utilize a suitcase ramp for wheelchairs effectively. Read our comprehensive guide here. Discover the perfect wheelchair to fit your lifestyle and enhance your mobility in this guide.

Why we know this works!

This suitcase ramp is perfect for getting mobility devices such as walkers, wheelchairs, or rollators over a step that is up to 6 inches high. It can be used on a step into an entryway or a step into the backyard. The ramp is light enough to pick up and use anywhere but durable enough to leave outside all of the time. It is portable and folds in half for easy storage and transport. This is a great solution for getting in and out of the house easily with a mobility device.


Height: 8in
Length: 4ft
Width: 29in
800 lb weight capacity

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