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Daylight LED Bulbs 5000K (4)

Daylight LED Bulbs 5000K (4)

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These standard 5000K daylight bulbs provide light that is as close to daylight as humans can make! That provides the highest level of contrast and clarity which can make all the difference for someone with low vision.

Why we know this works!

Using 5000K LED bulbs around the home will produce lighting that is as close to daylight as can be made. The LED bulbs allow for better ability to see in the home with brighter light, providing better contrast than typical bulbs. Having a well-lit home can improve functional performance and safety with everyday activities like reading, cooking, and watching TV. LED bulbs are easy to install and can replace any regular bulbs that may be in ceiling fans, lamps, or light fixtures around the home. Switch over to 5000K LED bulbs and create a safer home environment today.


60 watts

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