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Shoe Buttons

Shoe Buttons

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This pair of shoe buttons goes into the top shoelace holes to keep shoelaces locked in place and prevents the need of ever having to tie your shoes again. These will make your shoes have buttons.  Its a novel idea so definitely watch the video to see how they work! 

Want even more details? Check out our blog post on them too!

Why we know this works!

Shoe buttons are a great solution for someone who has difficulty with tying their shoelaces due to limited lower body mobility or limited hand control. Shoe buttons are designed to keep shoelaces in place and will prevent the need to tie shoelaces again.

Simply screw the buttons through the shoelace hole and wrap the lace around the button for extra security and to maintain tightness.

The shoe buttons work well for shoelaces on tennis shoes, dress shoes and even lace up boots. As long as the diameter of the hole for your shoelace fits a standard round athletic lace then the shoe buttons will fit!

Instead of learning one handed shoe tying, try shoe buttons. Once set up, putting the lace on and off the button just takes one finger and can even be done with a reacher.


Pack of two: 1 pkg can take care of 1 pair of shoes
Comes in silver

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