Setting Up Reminders on Smart Speakers

Setting Up Reminders on Smart Speakers

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Use a smart speaker to provider reminders for things to do like taking medication, walking the dog or an upcoming appointment limiting the need for constant reminders or calls from family to do daily tasks.

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Why we know this works!

Providing automatic reminders for daily tasks via a smart speaker can allow someone the ability to maintain thier independence for longer and keep loved ones in the role of family and less in the role of caregiver.

A smart speaker (Google Home or Amazon Alexa are popular options) makes this easy because it can be set up and then left in the person's space to automatically provide gentle reminders that don't require the person to touch the device or remember many commands.

Here are videos for how to setup reminders:
Google Home:
Amazon Alexa:


There are a variety of smart speakers available and they all have the ability to set reoccurring reminders!

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