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Roll-In Shower Wheelchair | ShowerBuddy SBC6

Roll-In Shower Wheelchair | ShowerBuddy SBC6

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The self-propelled roll-in shower chair is designed for curbless/accessible or roll-in shower stalls. It's compact, lightweight, and measures 26.25" at its widest point, making it fit through most narrow doorways like to the bathroom. This roll in shower wheelchair can also be used as an over-toilet commode and bedside commode. It features a front opening cushion, swing away and removable footrests, clip-on calf strap, flip back armrests (not lockable), commode bucket with lid, pee guard, chest belt, and is height adjustable.

Why we know this works!

We love this because rolling yourself into a the shower provides another level of independence which we are here to support! This chair functions like a wheelchair but is set up to be able to deal with the water from being in the shower. And as a bonus it also can go over the toilet seat for toileting. The big push rims and flip up armrests allow for anyone to transfer into the chair wherever is safest in the house to complete a transfer and then push themselves into the bathroom.


Chair Width - over wheelchair wheels 635mm
Chair Width - over arms 565mm
Chair Width - Inside Arms 470mm
Chair Length - including footrest 1060mm (820mm with footrests
Backrest Width 448mm
Backrest Height from Cushion to top 380mm
Toilet Height Clearance (maximum) 495mm
Toilet width clearance at narrowest 365mm (at casters)
Toilet clearance can depend upon the shape of the toilet pan
Seat Cushion Dimensions 460 W x 430mm D
Seat Height from Floor 570mm to 595mm (Adjustable)
Seat Cushion Opening 175mm W x 335mm L
Box Dimensions L 660mm x W 640mm x H 540mm
Box Gross Weight 20.8kg

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