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Red Tableware (set of 2)

Red Tableware (set of 2)

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High contrast dishes have been shown to help those with dementia eat and drink more because the color grab their attention. Get this 8 piece set of dishes for 2 place settings to enjoy a meal together without so many cues to keep eating.

Why this works

Red tableware has been clinically proven to increase the amount of food eaten for those with dementia by bringing attention and focus to the bowl/plate of food or a mug of coffee that is placed in front of them. Having red tableware is a way to use the environment to facilitate eating and will decrease the need for a caregiver to constantly remind their loved one to finish their meal or drink their coffee. The red tableware is also useful as a high contrast for someone with low vision. The high contrast will allow someone with low vision to see where their plate ends which will decrease the number of times that food is pushed off a plate and onto the table due to not being able to distinguish between the edge of the plate and the table.


2 dinner plates: 10.5in
2 salad plates: 9in
2 bowls: 6.5in
2 mugs: 16.5oz
Material: Stoneware
Microwave and dishwasher safe

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