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Reclining Manual Wheelchair

Reclining Manual Wheelchair

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Reclining backed chair lays flat for pressure relief and repositioning assistance.

Why this works

This wheelchair can recline from 90 degrees to 140 degrees with a quick release handle. Reclining is perfect for pressure relief and repositioning while seated in the wheelchair. Using a reclining manual wheelchair is great for someone who is unable to walk due to limited mobility or has weight bearing precautions that were set by the doctor. The user can propel themselves using their arms to maneuver the wheelchair rims. This will allow the user to be independent and can decrease the need for caregiver assistance with getting around the home. This wheelchair has removable armrests which is convenient for transfers such as slideboard transfers to the commode, bed, or shower chair. The wheelchair has elevating leg rests to help with pain and swelling in the legs/feet.


Seat: 18 x 17in
Rear wheels: 24in
Back height: 22in
Headrest: 10in
Max weight supported: 300lbs

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