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Quad Cane

Quad Cane

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Great for those who need a little more support than a single point cane provides but not yet in need of a walker.  This cane is equipped with four prongs that offer support, allowing it to stay upright without you needing to fear it tipping over and having to reach down to retrieve it, thus eliminating the additional danger of a fall. If more support is needed but a rollator or walker can't be used, consider a hemi cane for the widest base of support.

Explore the variety of canes available to enhance your mobility and support your walking needs. Check out our detailed guide.

Why we know this works!

This quad cane has a four prong base which provides greater stability and traction while walking as compared to a single point cane. The cane can also stand upright when not in use and can be conveniently left standing while sitting on the couch or on the toilet. The cane has an ergonomic handle for a comfortable grip and can be adjusted to the perfect height of the user. Using a quad cane provides stability while walking or transferring and can help prevent falls in and out of the home.


Adjustable height: 28-37in
Base: 8 x 6 in
Handle: 4.5 x 1.5in
Max weight supported: 250lbs

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