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Pressure Mat With Chime Alarm For Caregivers

Pressure Mat With Chime Alarm For Caregivers

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Pressure mats from AskSAMIE help caregivers unobtrusively monitor safety. These thin alarm mats detect motion and chime when stepped on. Because they require 1lb of pressure they can easily be placed under a rug or mat so they aren't visible, without causing the alarm to sound. This is an excellent support tool for caregivers caring for those with memory and cognition challenges such as dementia, Alzheimer's, cerebral palsy.

Deep Dive: Learn more about strategies for caring for someone with dementia here.

Why we know this works!

The pressure mat alarm with chime is a perfect way for caregivers to know when their loved one goes in and out of the home. This alarm mat can be placed under a rug or doormat either inside or outside of any door in the home. The pressure mat has a 30 ft wire that connects to the alarm so that the alarming device can be placed at a desired location in the home. The alarm will sound once someone has stepped on the mat indicating they are at the door. This works as a safety precaution and is perfect for those with dementia who may wander outside of the home or towards stair wells.

This pressure sensitive mat is a great way for the caregiver to have peace of mind without having eyes on their loved one constantly.


Dimensions: 21.75 x 13.75in
30ft wire to connect mat to alarm
Max weight: 350lbs
Alarm: white
Pressure Mat: black
Requires one 9V battery (not included)
3 modes: Loud alarm, pleasant chime, Off
Alarm volume: 105dB;
Chime volume: 90 Db.
Trigger mat sensitivity 1 lb per square inch (PSI)

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