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Patient Lift Sling for Toileting

Patient Lift Sling for Toileting

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Mesh sling that fits Hoyer, Invacare, Apex, Vancare and almost any lifter with 4 hooks. It has a hole for toileting, hand holds on the back for positioning and is mesh for easy washing and quick drying.

Why this works

Using a patient lift is a great way to safely complete a transfer with one helper for a person who cannot lift themselves and would need assistance from two people. But patient lifts usually come with a standard, solid sling. This sling is made for toileting and bathing as it has a hole to allow the person to void without removing the sling first and it's mesh so that water can easily run through it so it can dry easily. For toileting, while in the bed remove the person clothes on their lower half and position the sling so that the hole lines up for toileting. Then connect the sling to the lift and position them over the commode and lower them down. Now they are ready to go to the bathroom with dignity. If needed raise the person with the lift enough to clear their bottom so its easy to reach for cleaning.


Dimensions: 48 x 30in
Opening: 12 x 8in
Material: water resistant nylon
Max weight supported: 400lbs

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