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Mobile Shampoo Bowl

Mobile Shampoo Bowl

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Give the comfort of washing hair when getting in the shower is not an option. It is height and angle adjustable, has a drain hose of 4.9ft and no wheels in order to keep it still when in use.

Why this works

Using a mobile shampoo bowl is perfect for those who are not able to get into a shower or bathtub due to limited mobility or precautions set by their doctor. The height of the bowl and the angle can be adjusted according to the user's preference and can be used while seated in a wheelchair or in a regular chair with a back. The mobile shampoo bowl is a great solution for caregivers to help wash their loved ones hair without the worry of making a mess or struggling to get the task done.


Bowl dimensions: 19 x 15-20 x 10in
Adjustable height: 37-54in
Hose length: 2.9-4.9ft

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