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Mobi EZ Eco Battery Stair Chair

Mobi EZ Eco Battery Stair Chair

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This battery powered chair is ideal for residential use for transporting loved ones up and down stairs safely. This unit folds compact for easy storage when not in use or for travel. A single charge can navigate the equivalent of 100 floors of stairs! Comes with setup and training

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Why we know this works!

Using the battery stair chair is a great solution for those who are not able to climb stairs due to limited mobility or weakness. The stair chair is ideal for home use for a capable caregiver to help transport a loved one up and down the stairs safely. The stair chair is perfect for getting up and down stairs both outside and inside the home without having to install a stair lift. The stair chair is easy to use, however, requires a caregiver who has the strength to tilt the stair chair with their loved one seated while guiding the chair up or down stairs. Using the stair chair is a safe way to get a loved one up/down the stairs in their home while ensuring that they make their doctors appointments and other important appointments in the case of split level homes or temporary non-weightbearing situations where getting a stair lift is not effective. The stair chair can also get a loved one out of their home to participate in things they enjoy such as going to church, a family event, or even sitting outside to get some sun and fresh air.


Folding size: 45 x 19.5 x 10.6in (LxWxH)
Item weight: 66 lbs
Weight capacity 500lbs
Working Battery Life: 3-5 years

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