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LionHeart Faucet Extender

LionHeart Faucet Extender

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Attaches directly to the faucet to bring the flow of water forward for an easier reach from a wheelchair. The patented design has two entry points to accommodate nearly all faucets in the bathroom or kitchen: conventional (enters through the rear) and gooseneck (enters through the top).

Why this works

Using a faucet extender makes it easier to reach from a wheelchair while washing hands at a sink. The faucet extender has a stretchy material that can fit over most faucets. It is easy to install and has two entry points that can accommodate most bathroom and kitchen faucets. The faucet extender is also great for those who have difficulty extending their arms due to limited shoulder or arm mobility.


Dimensions: 4.88 x 1 x 3.13in
Weight: 1.6oz

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