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Flourescent Stair Tread

Flourescent Stair Tread

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4" x 15' roll of anti slip tape to add contrast and reduce risk of falling because of missing a step. Very helpful for low light areas.

Discover how to improve safety and accessibility in your home with our professional advice on making stairs safer for all. Check out the article on How To Make Stairs Safer At Home

Why we know this works!

The fluorescent stair tread is a great option for preventing slips and falls in areas that are not well lit or for seeing steps in the dark. The fluorescent stair tread is easy to install and can be cut to desired size to use on wood, marble, tile, metal, or concrete. The fluorescent stair tread is waterproof and can be used indoors or outdoors in areas such as the deck, patio, entryway, and walkways. Using fluorescent stair tread is a good safety measure to prevent falls and injuries in the home.


Width: 2in
Color: beige during the day; green at night

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