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Electronic Deadbolt

Electronic Deadbolt

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2 keys included. Deadbolt operated by electronic keypad or key; backlit for increased visibility at night. Have option to set 1 master code, 1 temporary code and 6 user codes. Requires 4 AA batteries. Alarm sounds after 5 consecutive incorrect entries & the keypad is deactivated for 45 seconds

Why this works

This electronic deadbolt uses a combination code to lock and unlock a door from the outside and a thumb turn to lock and unlock from the inside. The electronic deadbolt is a great solution for those who have difficulty with using a key to lock/unlock doors to get into the home or has a hard time getting up to open the door to let others in, such as the front door, back door, or garage door. The electronic deadbolt requires memorization of a combination code to effectively and safely lock/unlock a door without the worry of having to carry or use a key.


Satin Nickel

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