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Electric Floor Lift

Electric Floor Lift

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Experience freedom and safety with the SuperHandy Electric Floor Lift. Designed for seniors and the disabled, this lift offers unparalleled ease, ensuring mobility is never compromised. Embrace a life where limits are lifted and every space is accessible.

Why we know this works!

We never want anyone to end up on the floor but in the case they do you need a safe way to get someone up. This lift is excellent because it’s designed specifically for this purpose. Wheel it over to the person, help to get their bottom on the platform and then push the button to raise them up to standing.

We love this because if falls are happening it gives any caregiver the ability to help a person up safely. Plus it is compact enough to keep in a closet or out of the way and then wheel it over to where it is needed.

If someone lives alone and is cognitively able this lift could be left in a corner so it is supported and they can scoot themselves over to it and help themselves to a standing position.


Dimensions: 28" x 22" x 33"
Lift Range: 1.2"-20.8"
Product Weight: 56Lbs
Wheel Size: 5"
Start type: Push Button
Operation Type : Remote Controlled
Battery Type: Lithium Ion
Frame Material: Aluminum
Handle Material: Rubber
Tire Tread Type: Slick
Weight Limit: 400Lbs
Tire Type: Solid Rubber

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