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Dignity Lift

Dignity Lift

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A riser on the toilet is the first thing we recommend if the toilet is too low. But sometimes that riser is not enough. Grab bars can help but if there is no place to put them or one doesn't have the arm or hand strength to use them then we're stuck. That's where Dignity Deluxe Toilet Lift is a game changer! It's a lift chair for the toilet so getting up and down can be done independently providing a sense of privacy and dignity.

Installing the Dignity Lift Deluxe Toilet Lift is a breeze, as it simply replaces your existing toilet seat and takes about 20 minutes. The lift is sturdy and stable, weighing 50 pounds, just be sure the installer capable of lifting this weight. For power you can keep the charger plugged in if an outlet is available but it comes equipped with a large battery that provides up to 30 days of usage without requiring a recharge. 


Why we know this works!

The Dignity Lifts DL1 Deluxe Toilet Lift is an innovative assistive device that empowers individuals with mobility challenges to experience increased independence and safety with toileting. It's specifically designed to assist users with sitting down and standing up from the toilet, it ensures ease and maintains dignity in daily bathroom routines.

With its powered operation, this device helps individuals maintain their balance, stability, and overall mobility decreasing the risk of falls. It's designed in a slim way so it fits in the ADA standard 24" of space for placing a toilet.


Depth: 21 1/2"
Seat Width: 19.5"
Overall Width: 23 7/8"
Maximum Lift: 14" from rear of seat
Battery lasts 200-300 lifts depending on person's weight
Height: Accommodates toilets 14-18" tall
Device weight: 50 lb
300 lb weight capacity

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