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Couchcane w/ Organizer

Couchcane w/ Organizer

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A comfortable couch is great but sometimes it can be hard to get out of. Add this couch cane in order to have a firm support for pulling or pushing so you can return to your favorite seat in the house! Handle height 34"-40”  Weight capacity 250 lbs Base 20" - 36"

Why this works

The couch cane has a secure standing handle that can be used with both hands to assist with sitting or standing from a low couch. This is a great tool for those who need an extra boost of support when sitting or standing due to mobility related issues or balance issues. The couch cane can be adjusted and will fit couches that have legs that are between 20” to 36”. The height of the handle can also be adjusted between 34” to 40” according to the user's preference. The couch cane includes a saddle bag that hangs from the handle that can conveniently store small items such as TV remotes, cell phones, or reading glasses. The couch cane provides independence to loved ones who need assistance and reduces the need for caregivers to help with sitting or standing from a couch.


Dimensions: 34 x 7 x 20in
Item weight: 20lbs
Max weight supported: 250lbs
Fits under most chairs and couches

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